My Air Austral flight between LFPG (Roissy) and FMEE (Réunion Island) |B77W

Hello everyone !

Here is an IRL video about my flight between Paris and Réunion Island for my holidays !

In this video there are some Infinite Flight footages with a B77W generic livery… Because there is no Air Austral livery for the B77W yet… Maybe for the next uptade… 🙄🙄…

Here is the video !


Well that’s an IRL flight, which doesn’t belong in #screenshots-and-videos , but rather in #real-world-aviation

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Okay… Sorry for that… But there is also some Infinite Flight’s footage… So… I don’t know…

Very cool. Love to see the connection between IF and real word aviation.

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Thank you @Liam06 !

Well yeah, but it only makes up about 10% of the vid. idk I’d let the mods decide

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I love the video! The mix of IF and IRL along with the music makes it very fun to watch.

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Thank you very much @Shane ! I tried my Best to have a link between Infinite Flight and my Video ! Despite we don’t have an Air Austral livery on it…

I think this is the world’s longest domestic flight right?

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Yes sir ! It’s the world’s longest flight ! And it’s for this beautiful island ! 😍😍

Awesome video! I can tell it probably took a while to make, great job!

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Thank you @Pilot_Waters ! Orf… Only 1hour… Is pretty short to do contrary to Infinite Flight Movie

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