My account was being used. 5 times

Hello all, I just flew into EGCC and had to make a go around to avoid departing traffic. After this, I got a warning saying account being used. This is the 5th time this has happened to me! I’m so annoyed as my aircraft eventually crashed as my game kept cutting out due to the warning and I had no controls. What is going on IF can I get some help!


Change ur email or whatever account is linked, password

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Do you happen to have Infinite Flight on another device?

You asked, “What is going on IF can I get some help!” But you should’ve typed “What is going on IF can I get some help?” With a question mark. But I know this is completely pointless and let me actually help you. Someone probably knows your account login details, maybe someone who you know and someone who has access to your passwords and information. Try changing whatever account is linked to your Infinite Flight or changing the password for your account on Facebook or Infinite flight.
Good Luck

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Have a look at this post by Schyllberg:


No I do not