My account used on another device?

Dear support team

I got on my flight from EHAM to EGLL the message that my account was used on another device.

I’d like to ask you to carefully check if that was the case or not. If so, the account must have been hacked, if not this must have been an error. Could you please check this out?


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Theres an issue with the server, hang tight it will be fixed soon.

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Laura is working on it. Patience is key at this moment in time.

Mine as well. I got freaked out and just removed all the authentication of Facebook and Google from the devices I had signed in 😂 I guess it’s a server issue.

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I was on an 8 hour flight fom EGKK to TAPA

Me too. Just crashed after 10 hours enroute to KJFK from OTHH.

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Yep known issue there working on it

Jesus, support forum section is being filled up with these duplicate topics! 😅

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Happened to me just now.

Please stop replying. Just wait.

I was on final like 2000ft on air and I crushed on ground.


The same. So offensive to crash after a 17 hour flight

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Mine did that do, I had just exited the runway in KHOU from KDAL, thankfully it was on the taxiway going 35kts so I rolled all the way to the gate safely 😂😂

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my chance of flying from JFK to Dubai today was ruined because of this