My account level

A couple months ago I had access to the expert server but now it has reset to grade 1. Is this a mistake or did it reset?

I’ve got 138,000 Xp but I’m still only grade 1

Your flights and landings over 90days have been set to 0. This happened to me. You just have to get 5landings or something and you’ll be back in grade 3.

Nope, Just the grade boundaries that changes a few months back!

What do I have to do?

Oh really?

Good day!

Keep in mind your statistics will get outdated and will continue to lower until you start flying in a more or less recurrent way. As Liam06 said, your landings in the last 90 days may have dropped to 0 and subsequently other statistics such as the violation per landing ratio.

Additionally, as Kyle said, you can check the new grade table that was implemented at the time of the update here!


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