My account is supposed to be grade 3

so appearantly i am supposed to be grade 3 already but for some odd reason i am grade 2 when i have

i have 57 flight time ,104 landings,48,852 xp,0 ghostings in 1 day,0 ghosting in 3 days,5 in max violations

so mind telling what is the problem here?

and the acquired score to get grade 3

flight time 10,landings 50,xp 40,000 , 0 ghostings (day1,3) 2,3 max violations(day 1,3)

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If I’m understanding this, you have 5 violations? Grade 3 only allows a max of 3

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Are you a active flyer?

Easiest thing is to take a screenshot and post it so we don’t have to figure out if you have out the correct information


You have too many Violations

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You have to many violations I think you have 5 violations and the limit is 3 violations

do you have a screenshot?

Violations. That’s it.

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You only need around 2,000


well i have 6 violations so is that the reason

yeah i see the problem now thanks

does this go away after a couple of days?

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