My account has been deleted

my account has been deleted, my level is gone too.

there is a possibility to restore???

only if it is possible, I will buy for The year!


Seems like you either logged in the wrong account, or your subscription has expired, needing you to buy a new one.

Contact @schyllberg and he should be able to transfer the subscription for you to the correct account

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Thanks, But this is the Right Account.

Where have you got the account is deleted theory from? The pic you attached shows the opposite and that your sub needs renewing?

Looks like you subscription has ran out! Click on continue and pay what ever you want to log back on!

the problem is starting from zero, my flıghtstatus ıs gone 😞

On the account you just showed us in the screenshot?

Because the one you showed us have stats.

Yees sır, this is the Account

So the problem is? What happens if you tap “Continue”?

The account you showed is not linked. So you can’t sign into it from another device.

Okay. Its works Now idont know what happened before. apologize for disturbing!!!

Thanks all


No Need to Apologise! That’s what the community is here for!


Strongly recommend you link the account though :)
Tap your display name in the top right, then “Link account” in the bottom right and select the appropriate service to use.

That way you don’t risk losing access to it in the future.

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