My account being used somewhere else?

So i was in the middle of my flight. and on approach i get a warning. “Your account is being used on another device throttle will now be cut” Stalled and crashed. It shouldn’t be that way. Causing pilots to crash. It just shouldn’t let the other device on. And my other phone was turned completely off.

I got that too, and it was my first time receiving that message. I was flying patterns at KLSV in an F-16 and it told me my account was being used elsewhere, but I know it wasn’t.

I wonder if it had something to do with the sever issue…?

Idk but it’s dumb how if it’s detected being used it just sends the main user into a stall rather than just not letting the other on

I also just had the same issue a couple of minutes ago. It started as a user verification error, and then it said that my account was being used on another device. I do use it on two devices, but the second device wasn’t connected at the time of the error.

Same exact thing here.

Same thing just happened to me as well

Literally the exact same thing

And me just now, almost at the end of a long haul as well and had to end it 😔

There has been a issue like this maybe three to four weeks ago. I do not know if it is related to it or it could be related to the whole connection problem that just occurred

Yes I’ve got the same thing just woke up and it said your account is being used somewhere else

Ok, happened on my end too.

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Adding @schyllberg

I had a massive panic

Idk why they have it to where it shuts the first user off. why not have it where if it’s detected it just doesn’t let that phone on

I’m looking at the live map right now and the whole thing apparently just went down.

This was due to the server issue. No need to panic.


I was nearing YSSY when it said that, there goes my realistic 16hr flight wasted 😭😭

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Okay thanks… Are they good now or no

Okay good I thought I got hacked or something

Yea same thoughts here