My 9/11 Memorial Flight

**1) Background to the photos
18 years ago tomorrow morning, United Airlines flight 175, a Boeing 767-300 flying a transcontinental route to Los Angeles from Boston. The plane never made it.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server, 2300Z, KBOS-KLAX

3) Photos

It is a simple morning for the passengers in Boston-Logan’s terminal C; this perfect day would not be for long.

After a rather abrupt takeoff from runway 15R at KBOS, we are on our way to the far west of America.

The lights of New York City greet us as we continue west.
As we turn west towards the horizon, we can all think that one turnaround of four different aircraft changed our lives forever, leading to years of mourning, depression, and mystery.

Think about this for a moment; your destiny will always lie in the simplest decisions, the simplest mistakes, the simplest thoughts, if you will. Anything can change your life in an instant; it sounds disturbing, but it’s the truth.

RIP all 3000+ victims of 9/11 and the turmoil following it. We will never forget the terror of that day eighteen short years ago.



As avgeeks, this hits all of us hard, knowing that this happened. I was lucky enough not to be alive at the time but am still hurt by it

I’ve heard people alive at the time remember where they were then they heard the news. This, I’m sure, means alot to many people here. Thank you for spending your time to do this and good day

-Ryan [A.K.A. BadPlane]


We will never forget. Rest In Peace all the people who died and bless their families 🇺🇸

Very nice that you did this flight!


This is really a nice way of respect. There is no way that someone could be ready for loved ones to die🥺


Great photos mate!

Lovely! Respect to you

I’m going to go from kden to JFK, and JFK to dca for my 9/11 memorial. Can’t be there irl but I can be there in IF

I have so much respect for the people involved, we won’t forget. I don’t have much other words, this means a lot.

It’s just a tragedy that people would even think of doing something like that I just don’t know what goes through their heads.

Lest We Forget September 11


After 9/11 every thing was changed…
You couldn’t go walk a loved one to a gate
(Unless it was your child)
You weren’t allowed into the cockpit after the beacon light was on, The cockpit door became bullet proof, the way pilots deal with terrorist has changed. So many things have changed.


One minute silence for everyone who last their life that day.

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