My 7 Shots on the edge of runway 33 at Warsaw Airport.

A Few Shots on the edge of Runway 33 in Warsaw Chopin. ✈️

DISCLAIMER: These shots were taken from my iPad Air while I left my old camera at home in Ireland.

It was a fresh summer day and I finally got to visit Warsaw for once in a year. This was one very busy day which included some spotting here for an hour or so. I definitely recommend giving this place a visit.

1️⃣ Smartwings Hungary

Arrival From: Burgas

Registration: SP-TVZ


2️⃣ LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 737-800

Arrival From: Tel Aviv

Registration: SP-LWZ


3️⃣ LOT Polish Airlines Embraer E-190

Arrival From: Budapest

Registration: SP-LMA


4️⃣ Ukrainian Airlines Boeing 737-800

Arrival From: Kiev

Registration: UR-UIA


5️⃣ LOT Polish Airlines Embraer E-190

Arrival From: Vilnius

Registration: SP-LMD


6️⃣ & 7️⃣ Polish Government Boeing 737-800

Registration: 0110

Performing Flight Training including Touch And Goes in Krakow. Departed and landed in Warsaw. Wasn’t expecting this Arrival.

image image

I hope you enjoyed and have a nice day! Including the rest of your holidays before school. I will be coming back soon because of my school opening.


Nice pictures!

Please don’t remind me :(

Just kidding, keep it up!

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I’m sorry but it’s mid august. 😊

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Nice pics!

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Thanks a lot!

Don’t remind everyone lol.

Great photos! Keep them coming!

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What is the polish government 737?

Indeed! I catched it later yesterday. The registration is seen above.

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One thing to note: This was my first time I used my old Fuji Camera in Ireland and at the Paris Airshow. Once I’ll come back from holidays, stay tuned to see more spotting topics! I have no idea on how did my first pictures turned out.

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