My 250th landing Grade 4 flight @ EGKK - 052000ZJUL17


My Grade 4 flight celebration!


Server : TS1

Region: London, UK

Date: Wednesday 5th July, 2017

Time: 2000Z

Aircraft: Ethiopian Airways Bombardier Dash 8

Flight: EGKK - EGBB

NOTAM: Hey all! I am currently on 248 landings meaning that i am 2 landings away from 250 in which i will become a grade 4 pilot - instead of just seeing the numbers change, i want to throw an event to celebrate. We will take off from London Gatwick and maintain a formation along a slight detour over Essex and Cambridgeshire and then back over towards the Midlands where we will land in my hometown of Birmingham.

Flight Information

You will be able to copy FPL from me at the event but i have provided a draft FPL above just to give you a brief idea of the route. We will climb at 1800FPM to a cruising altitude of 20000 FT. Cruise speed will be at 265 Knots once above 10,000 FT. Descent will begin 60 NM away from Birmingham.


101: @louiisorr (BEEMOVIE)
102: @sapper
103: @iflightpilot_09
104: @Cpt_Chris
105: @Livmap
106: @Thundxr
107: @ThomasR
108: @John_Ryan
109: @MODii
110: @Trevor_A

Can add more gates if needed.

Mods feel free to bin the event if it doesn’t match the rules of the community (i know its not a VA or a competition)

Any questions then please ask me and i hope to see everyone there!


Hey Louis,

You’re currently a basic user. Please wait until you gain the member trust level before creating an event. To get there, make constructive posts, give likes, and stay active – you’ll be promoted soon! :)

In addition, you’ll get access to the #real-world-aviation, #live:va, and #features categories.

This event looks well thought out! Great job on using the proper #live:events title format.


Ya beat me to the punch I was just about to say that. Lol looks like a decent event though


Feel free to post when you are T2, looks like it will be a nice event :)

OP very literally made T2 right after I closed. How’s that for timing!

Well congrats to making your grade four and tl 2 that’s funny sign me up for this event I’ll join


I think it was your post that I liked so I owe to you! added you now


I want to say congratulations! Make sure not to get any violations now.


Can I have a gate please? Congratulation btw

Then wouldnt you be at 249!??!?


Sounds good I shall 🐝 there. Ha I made a funny lol


It’s my first time to be 1st at landing competition lol

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It’s not a landing competition thought it’s just a flight to give @louiisorr last couple of landings to make grade four.

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Sign me up! Congrats on grade 4, would love to be there for your 250th landing.


I wasnt talking to you 😛

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May you please sign me up.Congrats

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Thank you! assigned you a gate - see you tomorrow !

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I’m doing my 249th landing today - hopefully it’s clean and I get no ghosts or violations !


Assigned you a gate - thank you and see you tomorrow!

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Done! See you tomorrow !

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