My 21.1 Questions

The recent preview of 21.1 provided by the development team are nothing short of stunning. It has turned IF from a mobile simulator to a top level PC flight simulator.

However, I do have some questions. Which I will be intrested to find the answers too. I know people don’t know a lot about this update but it will be interesting to see what people’s opinions are.

Sit back… get some popcorn and let’s begin!

  • Firstly, are the buildings going to be transparent or are you going to receive the dreaded “Crashed” message when you hit them. The majority of flight simulators allow for people to fly through buildings so it woll be a nice touch if the developers include the crash message

  • Secondly, are airports going to have tailored made buildings are is there going to be a generic building for every airport. I’m maybe thinking they will added a few tailored airports to each update?

  • Finally, how do you all think this will effect the devices performance? I’m currently running an iPad 8th Generation and I’m having doubts if it will run it well.

Will be interesting to see what everyone thinks of these questions.

Happy landings!



Based on the FAQ:

Will the buildings have collision detection?
We have no plans for collision detection at the moment.

Again, from the FAQ:

Airport buildings are a mix of procedurally generated and handcrafted models. We are building tools to make it easy to create complex airports quickly but they will remain internal for now. We use OpenStreetMap data to get an initial building footprint to start from. Objects are placed by hand and we will provide more information on this in a future post.

How many airports will have buildings and where will they be?
Our first release will only have a handful of airports so we can ensure it works well before we start scaling to more.

I believe that the developers have done their best to implement airports and clouds without them affect our devices. Of course, old devices might struggle to keep up with the new update, but that’s something we will witness in the near future. As the developers mentioned:

How will my device handle the new features?
We are working hard to ensure everyone can enjoy this new content. Quality settings will allow users to reduce the numbers of airport objects visible to adapt to their device performance.


As stated in the Official 21.1 Tracking Thread, it won’t be a big load for the devices to render the buildings etc. If you want to know what I think about this, I’m not worrying about this too much

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Maybe you should read the Q and A . And look at the teasers

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Why direct him to the Q&A if his questions were already answered by a kind user above?


didn’t see it my bad

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Oh no, I see trolls have more power now…

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