My 2022 Spotting Recap

Hey y’all! Here’s my Recap of my favorite 10 shots from 2022! This was an incredible year for me in terms of planespotting and I can’t wait to see what 2023 holds!

To kick us off, here’s a sunset photo of a Delta 737-800 on its way out of Atlanta. I absolutely love the color of the sky in this shot!

Next up is this night shot of a JetBlue A320 at JFK. This one earns its spot in the top ten since I’ve never been able to get such a good night shot of a moving aircraft!

Following that, we’ve got the golden hour departure of this Qatar 777. I love seeing these around ATL and the lighting was perfect this night!

Next up is Louisiana One at ORD! This photo was taken shortly after the aircraft received its splits so I was very excited to see this one!

Next we have my favorite aircraft, the Boeing 747. Being able to get up close with this one in Chicago was incredible!

To end off the Chicago pictures, my favorite photo I took there. Here’s an American 737 with the skyline in the background!

Next is this parallel from Las Vegas! A Southwest Max 8 was landing at the same time that a Janet 737 was taking off! This was incredible to see in person!

Following that, we have this F16 Aggressor banking over the spectators who are battling the heat to see Red Flag 22-3!

At Oshkosh I was able to see my favorite A10 once again, but this time I was lucky enough to see it flying past the crowd this time and not just on static display!

And finally, my favorite photo of 2022! I absolutely love the F22 and anybody who knows me well will be able to back me up on that. This F22 absolutely sent it during Red Flag and I was lucky enough to be right underneath it!

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve loved traveling the country to go spotting this year and I can’t wait to do it again next year! If you want to check out more of my work, follow me on Instagram @jackson.aviation


Very nice recap! I love these!


Thank you!


Beautiful shots! That night time JetBlue is lovely. Love the F-16 and A-10 as well!

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Thank you!

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