My 2021 Memories!

Hello IFC!

2021… what a year…

to celebrate evading death from a global disease 2 years in a row I decided to put my top 10 shots of the year in this topic! This might change because I may or may not go spotting this Wednesday. Enjoy!

Also you might notice the quality on some of the photos are not very good because I used a terrible way to transfer photos to my phone.

Starting off with a Swiss A340-300! I hope these come back one day.

Next up is an Etihad 777-300 in the old livery, this one was quite a surprise but I’ll probably never get to see one of these ever again.

And of course, I could never forget the C130-J Hercules that flew in for some odd reason.

Next is my best shot of the good ol BB8 777 on short final, this one is pretty self explanatory: good day + cool plane = great pics

next up is the b o o t y of a Suparna Airlines 747, I chose this photo because it really shows how huge this plane is even though I’m nearly 100 meters away from it

Next up is just a super clean pic of a 767, that’s all

next up is a c h o n k aka the thiccnov 124

b a n k

how ‘bout a baby bus

And to finish it off, a pic of my boy Steve in a 787 after flying in from Miami

I hope you all enjoyed! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Stay safe, and most importantly…

have a great day!


Thicccc Antonovicc

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ahh yes, the good ol’ thicconov 💪🏻

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This is a nice recollection and collection of pics as there is good contrast with the supposed baby’s picture but I no see it

and the 747 shot where I could only see 747

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These are some really cool photos! That Atlas Air 747-8F picture is just 👌 😍

Ps. I like the profile pic too XD

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