My 2020 Spotting Year in Review

Hello, IFC! 2020 has been one hell of a year, but it’s provided some fantastic spotting opportunities and I’ve met some wonderful people. Let’s get right into it.


Canon Rebel XS / Canon EOS 4000D
Tamron SP 70-300mm

Miami, March 10

Starting off with the iconic (and also now retired) Landor 747. Spotted BA 747s only twice, both of them being BOAC and Landor.

Dallas/Fort Worth, April 14

Azerbaijan sent two 787s to DFW to repatriate Kazakhstahi (?) citizens. Missed the first, but got the second.

Los Angeles, July 1

Rain Bow on final for 24R at LAX. Still one of my favorites I’ve taken.

Dallas/Fort Worth, July 12

Qatar has sent 4(?) cargo flights using pax aircraft, 3 777s and A7-ANE.

Fort Worth Meacham, September 5

Got to go airside with Fifi. Pretty neat experience. Please excuse the camera shake, as I was still learning prop blur.

Fort Worth NAS, September 16

Not exactly my greatest shot, but it’s pretty cool (and loud) to see an unmarked F-35B hovering up close.

Fort Worth NAS, September 28

On a pretty boring day, a surprise visit from the new Fat Albert coming in to destroy the pattern really made it.

Dallas/Fort Worth, October 10

Not Without My Mask making her first visit to DFW.

Fort Worth Alliance Air Show, October 17

Los Angeles, November 15

Seeing BB-8 outside of the terminal in perfect light. This one’s for you, @Cameron_Stone.

Dallas/Fort Worth, December 14

Y’all know I gotta throw my baby in there somewhere. UPS 747 arriving during golden hour.

Dyess Air Force Base, December 21

Bucket list catch for me. Dyess B-1B full stopping after being out on a mission all day.

Dallas/Fort Worth, December 26

Another bucket list catch - National A330 landing back at DFW two days after it’s first visit.

That’s it for this topic, I hope you enjoyed!

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Here’s to a fantastic 2021!


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