My 2016 -2020 fleets


You are the best archivist i’ve ever seen. Congratulations and respect.🆒️


Wow! How did you do this…?


How do you do this, can you teach me?

What website did you use to make this?

idk if I am right but I think it was google earth, they downloaded their flight off somewhere like live flight or Infinite X then put all of them in a google earth project. They did this for every flight and it built up to look like this.

Very amazing! Great job! Please let us know, how do to make this? I was thinking to make something similar like this too 😅

i just spend 3 hours drawing flights on google earth

ok well the way i mentioned draws it for you

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I couldn’t see EGLL-EHAM (El Classico) important route. But all other ones are amazing.🚼

Live flight…and the 3D earth app…live flight need subscribe bro…

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