My 20.2 Drone Cam "Showreel"

As some of you know I love to make videos, mainly timelapses but sometimes little edits of my flights with GAF.

This time I wanted to step out of my confort zone and produce a compilation of short clips using my favourite feature, the locked free cam. It’s with a lot of motivation and hyped up by professionals such as Eric Magnan or the Wolfe Air crew.

It all started with @Davide_DC needing help on a future video and there was I flying the F-16 thinking about all the good shots I can now get…

The clips used are a compilation of flights flown this and the last weekend, they were recorded as I advanced in editing and you can kinda see my skills improving.

Anyway enough talking, enjoy!

So this is what a IF movie novice can do, impressive right? This only encourages me to go deeper in the air to air cinematography world.

Next step? Start a series of flights specially dedicated to be used in video, cruising low in a calm winds area with amazing scenery.

That’s it for now, see you later :^)


Good job mate, more to come in future.

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Heck yeah, need to get these engines running

Nice video and editing @Q-ENAN well done!

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Thank you mate

By the way, the link in your bio doesn’t send us to your videos but to our own

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dope video. i really dig the audio.


Audio counts definitely for half of a video for me.

I heard it first on Friday and it ran in my head all day long at school, I knew I had to use it !

4 years is a long time, glad to see you around :^)