My 1st time longest round trip flight ever 😎

I was planning to do a round trip in Long Haul destinations. So, I choose the route from my current town Toronto CYYZ to my home town Dhaka VGHS. I have experienced 2 sunsets and 1 sunrise 😎

Total flight: 29 Hours 49 Mins
Outbound Flight: around 14 hours
Return Flight: around 15 hours
Take off time: 19 January 1:11 PM
Return landing time: 20 January 7:44 PM
Server: Expert

Take off Toronto 1:11 PM EST

Sunset before entering Atlantic Oceanic Track

Sunrise after passing Black Sea

Passing the Himalayan Mountain Range

Landing at Dhaka at 1:59 PM BDT

Break time for 15 mins

Take off from Dhaka at 2:19 PM BDT

Sunset over Black Sea

The moon over Atlantic Ocean

Landing Toronto 7:44 PM EST


My Flight log 😃