My 1st time in a Training server

Yes! I finally got the courage to get up play Infinite Flight at go on a training server. I couldn’t believe I was in the training server at JFK. Obviously I pretty nervous I don’t got pictures but I just want to tell how I felt during my 1st time on a training server. I’m so proud of my self :D

Edit: After 2 days later posting this i landed 1st time in a training server. As much I did was ATC told me to do and landed successfully


Congrats:) and there is nothing to be nervous of really tho, as you can’t get ghosted. And the only thing added is violations. If you know how to taxi properly, the proper speeds below 10,000 has to use atc, and all the other stuff, then there’s nothing to be scared about, again congrats 🙂👍

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You can use replay mode to get some pretty sick pictures after you actually fly 😉

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First time in TS for me was like…

Has anyone also noticed delay in replay mode after playing where the plane goes up down left right like I can’t explain it but you get the idea

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Before you continue to expert, make sure to get familiar with the rules and have a look at the brilliant tutorials


Congrats on flying there!

Next step is Expert Server.

Also don’t ever be afraid about flying the higher-tier servers. Training is just madness in terms of other pilots.

When You go to Expert with IFATC, watch some tutorials on ATC commands and most importantly - listen to Your controller! If they tell You to turn 150, You should turn regardless of the Flight Plan. Otherwise, You’re gonna be fine!

See You in the skies!

Good Job brother. You will get more and more comfortable with added flights with new airports. Keep it up!

Shhh, you’re not supposed to say that!


Loved your post - so nice when people share things on IF what their really excited about.

This first time…I recommend you remember it, and celebrate it.
Because after the second time, the first time is in the past.
And after the 150th time…when was my first time again?

Training Server is a cool place, with live air traffic controllers.
Apart from a place where pilots and ATC learn, you also find pilots who totally ignore the rules and the ATC instructions and ATCs who seem to try to create confusion, rather than structure.
Please don’t become one of them.

Careful for violations!!
Violations are created by the IF system when you break a rule for longer than 20 seconds.

  • don’t taxi faster then 34 knots
  • under 10,000 don’t fly faster than 249 knots
  • don’t sit on a runway for too lang
  • don’t exceed the max speed of your aircraft
  • don’t do acrobatic manouvres (loops, etc) near an airport

Tip: use this time to learn, and become a great pilot. Watch the pilot tutorials, and even watch some of the ATC tutorials.


  • look around you, before pushback or taxi
  • give way to others; trust me: you will get there soon enough
  • keep an eye on your radar screen to monitor other traffic on the ground or in the air
  • keep your distance from other aircrafts
  • follow the ATCs instructions, and remember: he or she is learning too
  • don’t enter a runway without ATC permission
  • don’t switch to Tower ATC during taxi
  • spawn in an aircraft that makes some sort of sense for the airport. You don’t always need an A380.
  • when you request ‘departing straight out’ then make sure you do so
  • ‘remaining in the pattern’ does not mean ‘I’m waiting my turn’

And finally: relax and have fun 🔆


It all gets more fun as you move up. You’ll be fine as long as you do three things:

  1. Simply know the few rules
  2. Use common sense
  3. Be respectful to others

Oh, and have fun!

I still remember the first time I heard : N27NO, you are in an active airspace… got nearly scared to death!
Enjoy flying with ATC!

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MaxSez: Good Job Brother, Remember, See Photo, LOL!


Warm Regards, Max

(Welcome aboard @Icelandair_TeamICE…)


Again, said by others, this is the most positive post I’ve seen in a long time, if not ever! This is what brings us together as a community, a warm welcome.

Once you join the expert server it’ll be amazing with no trolls! It’s great to explore the world with others! Also why not take a stab at controlling? It’s fun and helps you learn the correct commands for the expert server. If you’re ever curious, one of our community members will happily spawn in at a small airport where you can experiment with the messages to your happy with what you’ve learnt!

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