My 1st Anniversary on the IFC

My first year here has been great… I decided to join so i could get some flying tips and make feature requests. I quickly learned though how the IFC works (TLs topics and such). When i was first here i was pretty dumb i made lots of off topic comments, and posted lots of innapropriate memes. Even though we argued @Thunderbolt helped me understand what to do and what not to do on the IFC. Over the summer
I started a group flight series and in september i started making a VA with @Zhopkins unfortunately in october another person finished the same VA before us so me and him joined that. The person that made the VA is a great CEO his name is @Adrian_K. Then in late november @ColtonS convinced me to join IFGAC (btw its a really cool VA and you should join as well). Over the year i never made regular but I dont really care because I dont want to have to be an extreme goody two shoes just for a title.
Finnally this year i feel has been a year of learning for me and improving myself at least in the IFC and learning more about aviation. So yeah im staying another year and i hope to stay till i cant anymore.

Sorry for the people i didnt mention in this there are too many great IFC members to put down here.


Congratulations on one year! We seem to have the same anniversary. 👀 Good luck on two years!


never noticed thats kinda cool

also thank you and good luck on three years to you.

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Happy anniversary! Seems like it’s everyone’s anniversary recently. ;)

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thankyou. Happy anniversary to you aswell.

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Sure does. I had mine 3 days ago.

@StormyAviation I’m glad that we are working in the same VA. Can’t wait to see you hit 2 years.

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Thanks you too.

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