My 1st And Possibly Only Virgin America Trip Report

What is up y’all! Recently I had the absolute honor of trying out Virgin America (aka VX) for the first and probably last time before they merge fully with Alaska Airlines. I have very mixed feelings on this merge now that I’ve flown VX but I don’t want to go as far as saying I hate it until I’ve given Alaska a fair shot.

Anyways, here is my trip report. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

I arrived at the gate with 2 hours to spare so I did some spotting (which you can find in my YouTube channel). After that 2 hours was up, it was time for boarding!

Boarding began 10 minutes late because no one showed up to the podium until 3 minutes after boarding was supposed to begin. Even the FA’s and pilots didn’t show up until the desk agent was there. Very weird. I always thought a desk agent needed to be there at least 10 minutes before boarding to ensure they could answer any questions by passengers.

The inside was so beautiful I had to remember why I fly Low Cost again. I walked into the aircraft and was greeted by a very attractive gate agent who smiled politely and welcomed be aboard.
First impressions? I LOVE VIRGIN AMERICA! The mods lighting created the absolute relaxing atmosphere yet did not make me feel sleepy or tired. It just made me feel at home.

We took off delayed by 35 minutes due to such an influx in traffic at SFO that they couldn’t accept our arrival for half an hour. So we sat at the gate forever. Most flights I’d be slightly peeved but this time…I had an awesome IFE to mess around with and I was busy in heaven.

*Now Virgin America offers a pay and receive method where you can purchase a snack or a drink or a meal onboard the IFE and pay with a swipe of your credit card. Once that goes through, the FA will bring you your snack or drink. For free items you just put it in your cart and click “checkout”. Then it sends an alert/ping to the FA who checks their computer for the seat number and order and delivers.
I took advantage of this and ordered a meal box and some headphones and a very small amenity kit. (Photos below)

The whole thing cost $16 but I was happy with it. I feel asleep using the eye mask that the amenity kit offered and woke up to find we were only 30 minutes from landing.
Let me point out that this was the first time I have ever fallen asleep on an aircraft. While flying F9 or NKS or even UAL the seats just aren’t comfortable enough to feel rest worthy. But VX’S cabin seats are soft and plush and SO COMFY!

We landed OnTime (we made up the delay in the air) and landed almost exactly on time if not a few minutes early. The Captain set the bird gracefully on the runway and we powered across the intersecting runways (where a VX A320 and a AAL were waiting for a parallel takeoff.

We had to wait about 2 minutes for an aircraft to leave our gate but when we finally pulled in, we were maybe 5 minutes later than our original arrival time. VX turned this 30 minute delay into a 5 minute delay. Hats off to the flight crew!

All in all, my flight was an outstanding victory! I had the best time and may have spent some time watching “The Boss Baby” because why not.
So how do I rate VX?

Overall Flight Experience: 5/5 for friendly FAs and a wonderful flight crew

Friendliness by VX staff on the ground at both airports: 4/5 I could tell the gate agentin Denver was a bit worn out but she still performed her job on a scale that is more than a F9 gate agent. She smiled and laughed and joked with her staff and passanegrs. She also changed my seat from 7A to 14A after I asked her for an open row.

Inflight Performance: 5/5 I cannot ask for a better crew and meal service!

Aircraft Worthiness: 5/5 Everything was clean and sturdy and comfortable.

If you enjoyed this review consider checking out my YouTube channel where I show this whole flight…in moving pictures ;)


Cool! Always loved seeing VX’s cabin mood lighting, sad that I will never be able to fly it.

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Just watched the trip report! Love it like always! Who is that pilot flying for at the gate. I noticed when you were walking to your seat in the plane he took his jacket off ;)

Very well done @SkyHighGuys. Love the cabin lights in the Virgin American planes. Always so beautiful!

He and I actually spent about 10 minutes chatting during preboarding. He is a United Airlines Captain who usually flies from SFO to Hawaii. That day he was flying to JFK from SFO but usually it’s the the islands.
He also told me he pretty much always flies the B757 or the B767.


Thank you for your support my friend :)

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Me too. This may be my only flight with them.

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That’s so cool! Bet ya’ll had a great conversation! Did you introduce him to Infinite Flight and the IFC?

Your welcome as always.

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No haha I don’t involve simulators when I’m flying and chatting with people.

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i know to become a certain aircraft Captain or first officer you have a type rating, do you know how to get a type rating? is it assigned by the company?
Nice report, how come no pictures with a pilot or flight attendant LOL, Those uniforms are money.

thanks and I didn’t get any photos because I don’t want to reveal I’m secretly a drug lord…that and they said no :(


when was the flight, was it today

This flight was done last Saturday :)

I love the photos you took, and you described your vacation very well :-)

Thank you for your support my friend. I’m doing a SWA Trip review in a few days also so stay tuned ;)

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