My 1970’s Flight from KSFO-OGG in a National DC-10

This was during today’s FNF in or around Honolulu.

The following photos were taken on the Expert server from KSFO-OGG. I flew on a National Airlines DC-10.

1. At the gate in KSFO with a Pan-Am 747-200 next to me.

2. Takeoff and Climb out of KSFO.

3. Cruising over the Beautiful Pacific in all It’s retro glory. 😍

4. Descending into Maui.

5. Final approach into OGG.

6. Touchdown!!!


nice pictures dude! loved it. Especially the one on descent to Maui

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Thanks. It’s my first post on this thread and I wanted to make a good first impression.

Plus that exact DC-10 in the game is what I fly in 99% of the time anyways. 😉

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I never knew we had that Livery! Lovely pictures and looks like a perfect landing :)


Lovely pictures. Good job.


Beautiful pictures! Really went back in time with that Pan-Am. Loved all the scenery on descent and landing!

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Yeah. The DC-10 is heavily underused in IF. It’s a shame that such a well known and classic aircraft isn’t given the respect by “younger folk” that is deserves.

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Thank you man. 😉

I was the pan-am 747 next to you! I had just arrived in from Honolulu.

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Oh wow. Nice. How was your flight? 😉

Was really good. Really nice approach into SFO. Could also see many other aircraft for the duration of the flight which was nice!

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I love the KSFO or KSJC to OGG rout. It’s probably my favorite rout to fly and fly back to the mainland in IF.

Fantastic photos! Good job.

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Nice pic mate, the DC-10 should be more used in IF, keep it up. 👍

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