My 14 hours flight with B777-200 aeromexico from buenosaires to zurich.18.1.21

Full throttle take off runway 17 in buenos aires

Spotterview take off pic

Flying along the coastal line of southamerika at 34000feet

My beloved canary islands😍

Fly over gran canaria🥰 at 34000

Heading direction to Zurich airport

Approaching zurich runway 16

B777 on final runway 16

And landing in zurich after 14 hours flight

Decelerate with a nice view of the swiss mountains at the background


Hey would you mind getting some of this info in? Thanks!

Eg. Server, misc info

Great pics btw!


Best shot! The place I usually live in, Tenerife!

now in Poland due to covid


Great shots! Would love to do this route on a Swiss 777-300 if they fly it. But why AeroMexico out of Argentina to Switzerland?

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Thank you😁oh nice the canary islands are my favourite holiday destination in europe

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Sure i will soon make a flight with the swiss 777.Well i choosed mexican cause its the only latino airline on b777.i dont like only fly swiss,i choose the airlines from the optic,a beautiful airplane ,ill fly it😅