My 100th screenshot topic

Hello, and welcome to my 100th screenshot topic!
It’s been quite journey😅, with a lot of improving (if anyone cares, I’ll link my first screenshot topic at the bottom)

But let’s focus on the screenshot topic I’m about to give you guys today. Friday I flew a formation with @Aviation108, we had fun in vc (@fly.akm ) and enjoyed the flight.
We flew from Dubai intl to Abu Dhabi, and via the desert back. It was quite scenic and fun to do!
I hope you guys like the screenshots :)

Flight Details 📝

Flight time ⏰: 1 hour and 23 minutes
Aircraft ✈️: A350-900 (777-300ER for @Aviation108)
Livery 🎨: Emirates


Both lined up on the runway


The formation

Flightdeck view

And here we are, back on approach

Hope you all enjoyed it, enjoy your day ☀️.
And here’s to another 100 🥂

(For the ones who want to see my first screenshot topic🙂)


Haha ahmed missed it 😈

I don’t sorry

I love them 😌

Amazing photos, and I’m glad I could help you with them!


Thank you for joining in the first place😂
Had a great time!


What are you flexing? I got him to VC in the first place. 😤

Congratulations! Long way from the first one!

Bootifil fotos, improvement galore, here’s to 1000!

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Your first topic was quite… “wing heavy” if you know what I mean xD

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Yeah, I liked the scenery from the wing view.
That’s why there’s wing view all the time😅

Love these pictures:) 😍


Thank you :)

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Very nice photos! Lighting is perfect. Congrats on your 100th Screenshot topic!

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Great shots! I love that flight deck one!

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Yo, that’s cool

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This is amazing!

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Those pictures look amazing! Congrats on 100th screenshot topic!

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Thank you @MJP_27, @Airborne_Canuck, @Rolls, @Aviation2929 and @bbrockairbus 😊, here’s to the next 100 🥂


Great work, you’ve come a long way since your first!
P. S. Did you know that time travel has become possible with your flight? Emirates will take delivery of its first A350 in 2023.


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Beautiful pictures! All the best to your 100th screenshot topic!! 🎉🎉

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Yep… took me 100 screenshot topics to get to this

@tobias900 thank you kind sir