My 100th Day On IFC Special

G’day all, today is a special day as it marks 100 days since I started here on the forum. I have been active and helpful since day one. Here is my current stats as of this post being posted.

Joined - Apr 2 : Views - 1152 : Trust Level - member


  • 100 days visited

  • 9d read time

  • 7d recent read time

  • 2.7k topics viewed

  • 46.9k posts read

  • 1.8k ❤️ given


  • 61 topics created

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So now here are some fact about me.

Some Facts

  • I’m the original creator of the Infinite Flight Drawing Competition

  • CEO/Event and digital marketing manager/Photographer of Private Flying Group

  • Grade 4 in Infinite Flight, working on grade 5

  • I’m a 4 time Infinite Flight world record holder for the highest G Force of 68.8G until I broke it again and lowest G Force of -40.1G before I was beaten and now the new highest G Force Of 130.3G, the highest altitude in the XCub of 32,000 feet

  • I love Apple and love Steve Jobs

Now I would like to thank to following people for there help and just to thank other people for other things they have done.


Just 🤯, without him I wouldn’t be here and not have reignited by passion for aviation. Everyday I wake up and find a new awesome and high end video just waiting for me to watch, his latest song Blue Skies is amazing.


He has helped me with infinite flight and how to STOOL and more. He inspired me to do a around tour when I pay for my next Subscription. Just I cannot explain how helpful he has been.


For letting me join in his event to make my first event a memorable one that I will never forget, they were very helpful and supportive though and cannot thank them enough.


For drawing some of the most difficult drawings and at such a high quality, also for helping me throughout the forum and correcting me if I’m wrong.


For being the first person to ever reply to my first ever topic and welcoming me to the community, you don’t know how much that meant to me.


First I would like to say sorry for tagging you in, but he was helped me get answers to my questions about stuff and has been very helpful to me and a very big thanks.


You have helped me make our VA what it is today, I cannot say how much I enjoy have thousands of ideas everyday and end up forgetting them by the time we start chatting, I very big thanks to you mate.

Notable Mentions
@anon23647801, @Robertine, @SimpleWaffles, @schyllberg, @HypedFlyer19, @George_Anastasis, @Airbus_737, @joslleymiguel_holand, @Kuba_Jaroszczyk, @alexandre.g, @DeerCrusher, @JacksonAviation, @CollinFlys, @discobot, @KaiM, @Aviation360, @jasonrosewell, @Chris_S.

I could go on a rant about this for hours so I just picked my most thankful people. But if you didn’t make it on the list thanks for everything you have done for me even if it’s just a vote, like for a reply.

Well thats it, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to make it to my next milestone of 500 days, till then, see you in the skies.

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Theres no need to copy and paste your entire profile stats as we can easily see them anyway.

The other half of the thread should be posted here:


Thanks mate, I thought it more important and special to post it here though.


Brotha relax, he just wants to specifically say ‘thank you’ to the community and by doing it in a seperate topic and in a unique way

Anyways… congrats for your 100th day on IFC and your contributions you have given to the vast community…


I really don’t see the point of this topic, I don’t want to sound rude, but as Hamza said half of this should be in another topic, and if every single member of this forum started doing topics like these it would clog this category too much, don’t take this the wrong way, congratulations.


As it’s been said, we can see all this, maybe you should’ve said thank you to all the people you have made friends with and summarised your Profile and Achievements! I mean they’re all really amazing efforts but maybe just tell us the most important ones and why?


Thanks mate for that, and the congratulations it’s really appreciated.


Congratulations on that

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Literally just copying your profile into a topic. If people really care enough about your IFC stats, they’ll look there. Yet another unnecessary topic.


Okay, you want a cookie…

Glad to see you’re having a good time in the forum 👍
How did you get a XCub in troposphere tho?

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Thank you so much, and congrats on 100! Here’s to 100 more!

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What exactly is the point of this? If we wanted to know, we could just look at your profile.

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I’m glad you are having fun on the forum… but really?

If everyone started doing this then I don’t know what would happen. Like I could just make a 2 year and 347 day special, and the a 2 year 354 day special.

This is pretty much you thanking some people (Which @Hamza.N pointed out could be put in another topic), and then posting your profile stats which anyone can see.

Don’t get me wrong, 100 days is a lot and congrats, but I don’t view this topic as necessary at all.


I’m happy for you

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Cool, yesterday was my 100th day!

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A, congratulations on your 100th day. Great accomplishment!

B, I have to agree with what some of the others said above. I mean, thanking people is fine, but posting your IFC stats isn’t really necessary and just clogs up the forum. Next time, maybe a celebration such as a group flight or event might be more appropriate than just posting your (public) stats.

Congratulations again!

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