My 1000th Landing

After 5 years of playing infinite flight, and a little hard work and dedication, I had my 1000th landing on a flight from Houston Hobby KHOU to Corpus Cristi KCRP on the Embraer E175 for Texas Virtual Airlines

Many of my Landings were in group flights and/or events with my amazing friends 👇


Cheers IFC



More impressive is 550 hours of flying in the last 90 days. 🤯

Congrats on 1000 landings 🙂

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Congrats!🥳 I’ve got some long awaited time off work for the next 2 weeks; hope to get back to Grade 4 since I’ll have more time to fly!

Your most impressive stat is 23 level 1 vios

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Very very true

who dares summon me

edit: oh i see now, congrats on 1k landings!

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this requires dedication that i dont have 😶

Wow I’m on here as your friend but not on your IFC profile! 😉

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congrats 🎉 1k landing @United403

Congrats. 🥂 to 1000 more

Congrats. Just hit my 1000 landings today and checked the topics for others! Excited to see a few other IF pilots here posting their hard work and skill! We’ll done!

I have similar rate, i did my 1005th landing a few days ago. Congratulations. You and @ 🧈 575 are really good event creators. I hope i will have my 2000th flight on EGLL - EHAM (El Classico).🥐

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