My 1000-mile journey

Currently I am 40 miles into my 1000 mile tour of the Seattle region on the Expert Server. If anyone wishes to spectate or join me (even better 🙌) I’m in an Air India Boeing 787-8 just south of 4S6 airport.

Display name: AtomicHerbster4
Call Sign: Air India 6 38


i’ll have a look i’m about to do a coastal flight in a c172

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What’s your call sign?

G-NSEY im bottom left of the region

I got you…

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ok ill be on a 62.8 NM flight from KPFC-KAST my ETE is 35 mins

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I’m coming up behind you @Kieran_Lockhart. 👀

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I might end up landing I have 5 and a half mins left ete

Ok, no problem. Looks like @Boeing4Life is coming up to join me anyway…

Yup👍🏼👍🏼 should we pm?

Don’t think there’s really a need to. That’s what this thread is for. 👍

Get some screenshots if you see me

Got one, though I’ll upload it after because I’m on mobile at the moment.

I couldn’t see you specifically but I got your call sign.


It seems Johan SWE/Nor Shuttle 168 has also joined us. Don’t know if he’s on the community though.

@Boeing4Life you’re off course!

EDIT: We’ve lost contact with Boeing’s plane at 20:55 local time. An investigation is underway at present.

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I’m here ;)

Hello there! Never seen you on here so presumed you wouldn’t be here. :)

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