My 10 favourite screenshots from 2023

I’ve had such a fun and welcoming first year here on the IFC. I’ve participated on many events, joined VAs, talked to many different and lovely people, and also showed my creative side with my screenshots. To anyone who viewed or commented on any of my screenshot topics throughout this year, I’d love to say a big thank you to you all! Here’s to a great 2024! 🍻🍻

This was the first part of my ‘nice cockpit view’ mini series which I started this year, you will see quite a few of those in this topic 😂

Flight info

Route: CDG - YYZ (Paris - Toronto)
Flight time: 6hrs 34mins
Server: Expert

This was one of my favourites this year, and the topic featuring this still remains my most liked topic :)

Flight info

Route: AGP - LHR (Malaga - London Heathrow)
Flight time: 2hrs 09mins
Server: Expert

I like the editing on this one :D

Flight info

Route: LHR - KGL (London Heathrow - Kigali)
Flight time: 7hrs 36mins
Server: Expert

This one is probably my personal favourite, the way the aircraft are positioned in the background and the editing really makes this one. I love this shot 👌👌

Flight info

Route: DLM - LGW (Dalaman - London Gatwick)
Flight time: 3hrs 46mins
Server: Expert

This was also one of my favourites, and taken on my first flight with the CL35 :)

Flight info

Route: LTN - LCA (Luton - Larnaca)
Flight time: 4hrs 09mins
Server: Expert

We got two from the same flight here, I just love the more saturated editing I went for on these :)

Flight info

Route : MAN - MCO (Manchester - Orlando)
Flight time: 8hrs 06mins

Here we have another A330 one, this time from a flight I did with @RickysAviationYT a while back :)

Flight info

Route: CGK - SIN
Flight time: 1hr 06mins
Server: Expert

Here are two more from the same flight again, and I must say I think the last one is probably my favourite. I spent ages trying to make the terminal lights look good and I received many positive comments about that, so I’m extremely proud about that one :D

Flight info

Route: LHR - DXB (London Heathrow - Dubai)
Flight time: 6hrs 44mins
Server: Expert

So, with that done, we are on to 2024. One more question though, which shot do you think was my best of 2023?

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Also I know I have two favourites, I can’t decide 😆


damn, those cockpit shots!🔥

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Thanks man, they are some of my best work definitely 👍

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