My 10 Favorites Shots Of 2023

Hello, Bonjour, Halo, Hola IFC!

2023 is ending in hours, so here’s my ten favourites shots of this year:

But before, my recap: I’ve made new friends and spent great times with them. 😎
It was also a good year for spotting to me!
So, farewell 2023, see you in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣4️⃣!

The only A330-800N of AirGreenland crossing the runway after exiting Sabena

French KC-135 climbing up

Luftwaffe A321-251N going around after making a low pass!

Lufthansa CRJ-900 taking off with the sun behind!

An E3 Sentry AWACS wearing the 90th Anniversary of the Armée de l’air (French Air Force) going around after low passing!

Summer of 2022, tragic wildfires hit the departments of Gironde and the Landes (South West of France) and burned large acres of pines forest. France had been equipped this year with more reinforcements to combat it (fortunately, there weren’t fires this year in those two departments), like this one of the four Air Tractors.

Nice Raffle Rafale for @Camille 😅

AirCalin waiting waiting to cross the Runway with the sun behind (my favorite photo of this year)

3 Red Arrows of the 9 that came to BOD for refuelling this day (June 19th) after participating at an AirShow in Portugal.

Blue Azerbaijan B757-200 carrying some supporters during the Rugby World Cup to Baku!

Thanks for looking at my pics!

Equipments used:

Canon EOS 2000D with Canon 55-250mm STM and 75-300mm

Old lenses:

  • Canon 18-55mm IS II: replaced by the 18-55mm STM

  • Canon 75-300mm: agree with @Dan_77 and @AndrewWu, it is the worst Canon Telephoto lens, replaced by the much better 55-250mm STM
    Also the 75-300 will be replaced by either the 150-600mm or the 100-400mm (don’t know which one I will choose)

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Nice photos. Just a quick question, is the German air force still called Luftwaffe?

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based statement

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It’s still called Luftwaffe (in German), but it’s the GAF in English

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Also, worse (I think) than the 70-300mm DO and the 70-210mm (as I’ve saw on Christopher Frost’s reviews)

Probably. Its dog water

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Common 75-300 hater moment

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yes, it literally means, “Flying Weapon”

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Cool, bcus k know it was called that during WW2

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