My 10 best shots since IF released the replay feature

Hey IFC!
Since IF came out with the replay feature and the ability to take high quality screenshots, I’ve been taken hundreds. More than 8 months have I been spending carefully selecting my top shots from my ventures around the world.
Take a peek, I will add a few details related to each picture.
American Airlines 787-9 takeoff from DFW

Frontier A320 takeoff from Denver

Climbing into the clouds near San Francisco in a United 747

Turning in a 787-10 somewhere near Singapore

Illegally flying over the Himalayas

Taking off from Honolulu in a United 772

Flying over the Atlantic Ocean in a Virgin Atlantic A340

Flying over Arizona in a Frontier A320

Landing in Missoula in a United A320

I will leave you with this
British airways 747 takeoff from JFK


Nice shots!

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Love the 747, beautiful editing!

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@JOSH_Byrne United 747 or British Airways 747?

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Oh the United 747 sorry about aha

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I love the 2nd photo 🤩

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These are some great screenshots, some of them are a bit over-edited for me… but they’re yours so do what you want!

I love the 1st one, it makes me feel so peaceful…

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@Mr-plane-guy1 for some of the photos that’s the intent.

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That United 747 though!

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Both of the Frontier aircrafts are stunning!

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Stunning photos dude! ✨

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Here’s a few that got pretty close but didn’t quite make it in.

These are all great, especially love the Honolulu Departure one.

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Very nice photos! The 1st and 5th pictures are my favorite.

Nice edits and screenshots!!

That‘s Awesome!I like the most of them,can i download them?

They look nice, tho they’re really saturated tbh

I also see that in the 4th, 5th and 6th photo a lot

To be honest, the only good ones in my opinion is the United B772 and British B744.


Hold on, I just realised that this was bumped up from 5 months ago… Let’s try not to do that again ;)

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