My 1 Year experience in the IFC

A complete Year has passed when I joined for the first time on the IFC. I discovered IF while watching YouTube, and soon I was getting interested in It. I joined the IFC in 22 of December 2019 and a couple days later I was buying my first PRO subscription. I remember my firsts weeks in IF, I didn’t know basically anything about Aviation, how to fly correctly, soon after that I was getting my first violation. After that, I learned a lot inside and out of IF, even today, my last violation was on January 2020 so Im quite Happy about my progression.
Nowadays Im grade 4, almost 400 hours Flight time, and I’m Member of United Virtual Airlines.
Thank you all for this wonderfull year (In terms of IF)! 👍


Happy IFC anniversary, @El_YuainXD! 🥳

Cool to hear how far you’ve come from knowing almost nothing about aviation to being the virtual pilot you are today. (And congrats on not getting a violation for almost the entire year). 😜



Thank you so much! @Butter_Boi

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