My 1 Million XP Flight!

Recently I had noticed i was about to pass the 1 million XP mark so i decided to fly a special flight, VOBL-OMDB(My birthplace to where i live) so i decided to make a Youtube Video on this flight to share my special flight with yall. Thanks and i hope you enjoyed the video.

You may leave your feedback below here or in the comments of the video, really appreciate it.

Flight Details,
3:30 Flight Time
B777-300ER Emirates


Congratulations 🎉 and great video!


Thanks buddy :)


Congratulations 🍾

That is an awesome video!

Thank you so much :)

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i have been summoned

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Haha, hope you liked the video :)

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yes i did :)

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glad to hear that, thanks for watching :)

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np :)

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Nice video however that landing was a bit ouchy.

thanks, yes i somewhat cannot figure out how to land the 77W smoothly yet but when i do i will post a tutorial lol. :)