Mxrzy’s Radar Tracking Thread - [TEST PASSED!]

Mxrzy’s Radar Tracking Thread

Hello and thank you for stopping by! Please follow the preferred approaches down below and feel free to leave any feedback you may have.







Approach Type:


This thread was approved by my trainer @Kitick



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Sorry I could not finish that. I have no clue what was going on. Unless it’s one of those airports with the ILS off? Everything you did was what you were supposed to do.

On a better note, I really like how you vectored me direct to base. That made things more efficient.

Nice vectoring on the missed approach as well.

I’ll try to come back another time. Again, sorry for all that.

Have a great day!l and keep up the good work!


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Thank you so much! You had me worried for a second on the second one when you did the same thing. Couldn’t figure out if it was terrain or something. Thanks for stopping by and for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Have an awesome day!

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Haha!! No like I said, you did everything you were supposed to do and I didn’t have any issues. No busts either! 😉 I’m going to fly there later and see what is going on with that.

Just wish I could have finished it to the point of hand off for you.

I’ll try to come by when I can, when I see you open!

Thank you!

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Open at KSBP if anyones interested :)

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Hello, @Mxrzy thanks for the service today at KSBP!

Here is the feedback from OK-LOL


  • I would try to avoid using crosswind vectors. Try to make your first vector a downwind intercept vector. This vector should be heading 260.

  • It’s not a big issue, but I would try to have VIS and RV’s downwind 4-5 nm wide.

  • To make it simpler at KSBP, just keep VISs at 3,000ft all the time, just so you don’t have to make the risky descend to 2,000ft.


  • Once again try to issue a downwind intercept heading as your first vector instead of a crosswind vector and then a downwind heading vector.

Great job with my intercept, it was smooth, on time, and 30 degrees.

No other issues with this approach.

Thanks @Mxrzy

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Awesome. Thank you so much for your time! Ill keep working on it.

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Open at EGCC :)

Open at MMMX. Runway 23’s please :)

Disregard, no one else is listening and someone opened local.

Let’s try this again, MMMX open. 23’s would be appreciated.

Just passed my test yesterday! Thanks everyone so much for your help! Thread may be closed now if a mod would be willing ;)

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Congrats!!! 🎉

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Congrats! 🥳

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Congrats! Looking forward to getting on your frequency!

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