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Rob Holland’s MXS


The GA Community has exploded over the release of the TBM-930. But no plane in Infinite Flight has ever fallen into the sport category. That’s where the most agile aerobatic plane comes in: The MXS. This plane took the talented Rob Holland through many aerobatic championships, developing maneuvers that only he does at air shows, and won many Red Bull Air Racers spots on the podium. The addition of this will open up a whole new field of flying to all Infinite Flight Pilots, allowing for better Airshow-themed events, enhanced creativity in maneuvering, Air racing (hint hint @IFPHGOFFICIAL 🤫), and so much more.

Description by Manufacturer:

The MXS is a single seat, carbon fiber aircraft utilizing advanced, state-of-the-art composite materials, sophisticated development tools, novel processes and world class engineering skills blended to create a unique combination of structural performance, quality and durability. With immediate presence both dynamically and statically, the MXS clearly demonstrates its purpose and intent. This presence and aggression is communicated through technology on show.

Combined with technically justifiable design features the MXS is a showcase of visible engineering detail.


Length 21.35 ft
Wing Span 24.0 ft
Wing Area 102.0 sq.ft
Height 6.0 ft
Empty Weight 1260 lbs
Gross Weight 1840 lbs
Acro Weight 1600 lbs
Acro Weight Ultimate Loading +/-14 G
Engine 250-380 Hp
Max Speed (VNE) 230 knt
Stall Speed 58 knt
Top Speed Level Flight 210 knt
Cruise Speed 180 knt
Roll Rate 420 sec
Range 750 nm
Vertical Penetration 3500 ft
Fuel (Long Range Config) 78 US gal (295kg)

A little something to know about the flight physics: It uses its control surfaces as a “thrust vectoring” system, provided by the propeller.

Via MX Aircraft Site


  • 4K Textures
  • Working Instruments (if applicable)
  • Detailed Flight Model
  • Infinite Flight Livery

The MXS in Action

+/- 14G?! That’s crazy

This is a cool request, very well written!


Thanks! It’s my first request believe it or not. Seeing Rob Holland made me want to do this.


Just added a video of Rob Holland doing his thing. You’ll be amazed at first sight I guarantee.

How about the Extra 300 As Well? I got some nice pictures from the airshow

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Voted! I saw the RC version at the field. Didn’t know it was real.

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Not as good as the Zivko Edge 540 IMHO.

That’s the aircraft my mate Paul took the Red Bull Air Race championship with!

Quite an astounding piece of kit.


They’re not allow to go above 10G in the Air Race though!

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They’re both similar in performance. They rival each other like the “Airbus and Boeing” of the aerobatic world.

@Nate_Schneller if your curious here is the RC variant. It’s a 48” Extreme Flight MXS.
I’m thinking of getting one. My dad gave me some money to buy a new aircraft.

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That’s cool! 👍🏻

That’s pretty a pretty cool aircraft! I’d definitely vote for it if I wasn’t out of votes.
(It kinda reminds me of the TBM a little :D)

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