MWE2187 (SWA Virtual) ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]


Hello all,

Getting a ATC Tracking thread going on the quest to improve my controlling abilities personally and with the Southwest Virtual Airline team!

To open things up, we at Southwest VA have teamed up to open up tower, ground, approach and departure at KFLL for anyone to come join

Status: CLOSED
Region: n/a
Airport: n/a
Patterns: Accepted
ATC Control: Tower and ground


Be on the lookout for future group training segments with SWVA as we continue to improve our personal controlling abilities across Tower, Ground, Approach and Departure. We look forward to keeping your air safe in the future!


We are going to make a quick switch of who’s on Tower and who’s doing approach in about 2 min. So if you see offline, still join and we’ll be on tower shortly.

I’m now on Approach for KFLL and KMIA. Matt now on Tower for KFLL

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Opening for Friday night flight at midway! will be open for next 30 minutes +

Tower only

I was N2DV if you didn’t notice :) Thank You for your service You did well
Just a few things
1.You don’t clear to land when doing patterns unless they say Full Stop :)
2. No need for Make Left/Right Traffic after every T&G that’s only for Inbound for T&G and Runway Changes :)
Thanks again I hope to fly at another one of your openings :)
Kind Regards,
Rowdy Kepler

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Thanks for joining and the remarks. Appreciate it

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Closing shop in 2 min. Lack of activity in the area. will re-open over the weekend

Opened up in the seattle region! @Matthew_Hromek on Tower/Ground at Seattle, im on at portland if anyone would like to join.

Patterns accepted. Will be open for at least next 30 minutes (estimating until 4 p.m. SWA time… central)


Closing due to lack of traffic.

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