Mute Chat (ATC)

Some people who try to record Live mode for a time-lapse or plane spotting lose space when the ATC commands pop up on the top of the screen, forcing them to crop them out or decrease the quality of the video if they didn’t want that in there. Muting the chat prevents an commands spoken on the frequency to pop up on top. They can till be heard (Which can be fixed by turning the ATC Volume down to 0, in the volume section of settings) and show up in the log. An on guard sent by a controller will automatically turn off the mute. For a controller, they will see the aircraft as white, as if they had swiped off their flight data strip. Communication with the controller prior to doing anything with a muted chat recording would probably work best in a situation like that. Let me know what you guys think it should be added, or how it could be different and better!


Their is already a option in the settings. Go to settings, general and unchecked enable help messages.

Does that turn off frequency and ATC chatter?

It hides any message, so it doesn’t appear in the top screen.

Oh. Awesome then. Thanks for letting me know. Never realized

I thought help messages were like the stall and overspeed warnings? That’s what it says in the app.


That’s what I thought as well. Currently doing a time-lapse so I can’t actually check

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Yes, I think you can’t turn off the ATC messages.

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As of now you can’t turn the ATC text off.

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You cannot and should not be able to turn off atc messages…


Do you mean a flight or spotting timelapse?

Thanks for your opinion. I figured a on guard by the controller will automatically turn it off on you, to prevent doing it on purpose. It can still be heard, just not seen on top @Xpheros When you do a time lapse of anything that you don’t want the chat on top to be there, or doing spotting on IF. However you wish to do it

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Go to a different frequency… Like an airport where nobody lands in and then you do your timelapse… Like one of the purple airports, you know? But in a flight timelapse it would be harder because the ATC will ask you to contact you… You barely wont have any problems in the Training Server except for landing and takeoff but you have a lot of problems with the Expert Server… You can get ghosted…

I did that just now, but you might get on guards from the ground controller, or if someone diverts to that airport if the main airports too busy. The second one happened to me. The first one didn’t because I contacted the controller beforehand, but it could happen to anyone unprepared

Well no not really… I think its fine when you park at a gate…

All fair points, but some airports are pretty far away, you’d have to figure out a away to get on the frequency. Also might help if you’re flying VHR (?) on a busy frequency. Never know. A simple button or on guard would but you right back on the frequency like normal though

Maybe not just an on guard, but any message sent to the user by the controller. Perhaps the feature turns the text on the top, but keeps them on the frequency, so ANY message that is sent to the user will turn the text back on, and it will be the first message that shows up on the top, and it’s in orange, just like normal. Overall, I like the idea.

Maybe an option for the chat on top to fade away along with the buttons? Such as the bottom bar?

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Ooh, that could work too…🤔

You are the smartest my brain get exploded

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