Mustache Airways VA: Hiring

Now before I get the things saying gosh darnit another VA that will be closed very fast. I will maintain this VA as best as i could and if things do go down I’ll find someone to take that position.

#Welcome to Mustache Airways

We have a large fleet that flies to different places. And we have training courses for pilots for certain types of aircraft on the fleet. We fly business jets for companies and our business members. We are here to serve comfort to our passengers and members. I am looking for staff and pilots. If you want to be staff PM me and we’ll work from there. Pilots can join from the website here
-Your hommie Bulba



my only mustache friend :)

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Thanks bud


Nice! A very original VA! Good luck @Bulba!

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Just sent in a application!

thanks man. I’ll work hard to maintain it.

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You were bound to make this eventually.


I saw this coming…

I mustache you a question…


Sometimes, I moustache myself why I joined this community… I have finally found the answer!


Yes I was. It was bound to happen and couldn’t let that pass.

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Terrible Joke

Will Pink Sheep be the flight attendant?
Will he be serving mustachios?


Maybe and yes.


Yes, Pink Sheep would be the best person to be a flight attendant. He would complain about stuff all the time!

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I’m joining!

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This is a quite a funny VA. It reminds me of one similar but not successful. Anyway, I’m applying!

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Do you need live? I’m probably getting it but just in case I don’t.

Technically yep but if you got yourself a YouTube channel and do flights for the VA on solo then you should be ok.

Ok, I’m getting live tomorrow morning! I’ll join! :)

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@Bulba I joined the mustache club

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