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Well hello, yeah so I was laying there watching some plane spotting biceps l videos and I kinda got pissed of because, IF is the only simulator that’s on mobile that is good. I don’t have a powerful pc to run other sims. So the reason why I got pissed is because the A330, 340, & 380 are some of my favorite planes. But theyre horrific to fly in IF. I mean it’s great and all that we’re getting new planes like the tbm. But I feel like the majority of the players prefer giant commercial Jets. So why not keep that side happy and update the physics of those planes as well and think about it maybe more old time players would be more invested in IF again so that would be a financial gain for I had to speak on this, this isn’t hate it’s just my passion for Aviation talking here.
But yes since we’re not getting the A350 can you atleast update the Airbus widebody family. ----Thanks


It seems this is a duplicate to other #features request made by other members. If you would like to see the rest of the Airbus fleet get a full rework, I would recommend voting for each aircraft that I have listed below:

A340 Rework

A330 Rework

A380 Rework

Hope this is useful for you! I would also recommending checking this topic made by Misha about the #features section:

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Hope this helps as well! Have a great day


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