Must have Infinite Flight Live for 7 days before being able to access TS1

I feel that this would prevent a good amount of imcompetence on TS1, as most of the time when pilots on there use poor flying skills it’s because they don’t have a good knowledge of how to use Infinite Flight. I feel that 7 days in casual server is adequate time to cover the basics of flying on Infinite Flight Live.
And if you download infinite flight and purchase live, keep it for 3 days then delete it, and choose to re-install it 4 days later, you wouldn’t get to have the option to go into TS1, you would still have 4 more days left of being limited to casual server left.

“But RTG, it’s called training server for a reason, people can get more knowledge” I know that, but I feel that people should get down the basics first before attempting to fly in an online multiplayer simulator server with rules. Of course there’s gonna be the occasional mistake, that’s why training server will help them get the more non-basic stuff down.

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Sorry, I think this is a ridiculous request. Have you forgotten about the casual server? Maybe TS1 should only be accessible from Grade 2.


There’s serious people who want to fly in casual server too. Most of the time when people join infinite flight live for the first time they flock to TS1, as there’s (almost) always ATC.


I agree, how about I later make a topic that TS1 for G2s?


No, I really honest;y disagree this would leave bad revoews in the App Store - just sayin,

Or what captain ed said


Just because it exists

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I don’t think that would be needed, I’ll just add it into this original post


There are incompetent Grade 5s with 400 hours of flight on the Expert Server.

It wouldn’t have any practical effect.


I personally don’t agree with what you’ve said. In addition, this idea will make FDS lose money from new users. Also, imagine having a real life pilot not being able to buy Live.


Lol casual server is there for a reason. Sure, there are people with low grades who want to fly realistically, but that’s why there’s the Expert server (which I know, is not as realistic as it used to be). More grades and a reshuffle of expert server grading has previously been discussed.

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A mobile flight simulator is very different from flying a real plane

Sure is! But I’d assume that a real life pilot can get into IF in minutes, maybe hours, but not weeks :)

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Based on feedback I’ve decided to change this to “must have infinite flight live for 7 days before being able to access TS1”


I think that’s more appropriate 😉


Thanks! I’ve changed the original post around take a look :)

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I can see where you are coming from with this and I think it’s always good to brainstorm ideas such as yours. Many suffer from very inexperienced pilot, but the trick is to find a balance between (1) increasing the skills of pilots before the fly in controlled areas and (2) putting people off IF and risk loosing valuable business.

The revised version of your post I like better. 7 days in Casual before allowing people to fly on TS1 could also be 10 hours of flying time (or something line that).

Imagine what difference it would make if new pilots would actually study the IF instruction videos in YouTube before flying on TS1…


I had infinite flight for months before I decided to buy live on Christmas. I can say I was much more skilled when I first started flying live than average joe. This is ridiculous in my opinion because it is called TRAINING SERVER. It is where people are meant to train and get used to the live aspect.

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MaxSez: YOU PAY YOUR MONEY YOU TAKE YOUR CHANCE! That’s what my Dad told me years before most of you where a gleam in your daddies eye!
The bottom line., IF is a business, there are no loaners, trial periods or isolation stop overs here. This is commerce at its best, Here you go attempting to segregate, establish a class system etc, How dare you! IF is not a Democracy, I like the direction this business is going in, I trust the FDS staff to continue to guide its inevitable path without a class structure or distinction to simulator perfection, warts and all. I say we are all equal and should play on a level playing field, if your unwilling to learn and be civil, Bail out! Shame on you few elitists who sanction this form of social engeneering, who do you think you are. Wanna lead then lead by example. Shame!


I used the training server for a long tim before expert even though I was a grade 4 and skilled enough to fly on expert. It was more relaxed and it used it have more traffic back in the day. I am used to noob pilots by this point but on TS1 it’s not new live users messing around it is anyone, this idea is pointless in attempting to stop the issue that many face on TS1. Best thing is to learn how to fly properly and when you are ready use the expert server.


Yeah I gotta admit this is disappointing. You are a former regular and I think you know as well as anyone that this issue has been convered so many times. We have said it a million times and I’ll say it again if you want a better experience fly expert. Stop worrying about what is going on on the training server.

I wish I could pin it globally. I’ll never understand why people who understand the forum, understand ATC instructions, and are long time players keep flying on the training server just to complain. It needs to stop.