Muslim couple kicked off delta flight

Can’t belive how racist some people can be…


This is unacceptable!😡 This is just outrageous.


I HATE Racist people! This is soo unacceptable! We are all human beings!


this shouldnt be allowed…


Yeah I know that is unacceptable. They shouldn’t be kicked off if they bought there ticket. This must be the work of that guy. Not this guy that guy.


Too offensive, Too bad


Wow… What a shame :/


This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. People are people and if people can fly on delta, so should people.

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What I don’t understand is why us humans treat other humans differently. It makes me angry when someone is racist just because of our color and religion. I was humiliated when I was living in North Carolina because my family is hispanic and we have mild dark skin. We are not perfect, don’t judge us by race or religion, we all have the same blood, we all are human beings, no one is superior than the other! We have to respect one another no matter their skin or religion.


Your explanation so simple, yet so many people won’t gwt it. Sad

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I know it is.

Sometimes people are not feeling comfortable with others whose cultures had a “bad” background, anyway this ain’t an excuse because despite of that, not everyone is a bad person despite of their culture or background. IMO, the Delta staff action was quite unprofessional and discriminating. So I agree with what you said.

This is why my family stopped flying Delta.


It’s not the airlines fault. It’s how the crew handled the situation. The real people who are at fault is the crew.


I’ll be really upset if the Copa crew do something like this. But what Daniel said is true, the crew didn’t handled well the situation, by misjudging the appearance of the passengers.


Poor couple. Its a shame what the world is right now.

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shame on delta

they represent what the us is ;-;

Now, before we hang the airline out to dry, it might not even be the airline’s fault that this is happening. All crew goes through cultural sensitivity training before they’re allowed to work, Delta does all they can to train the crew. But the crew does have the right to refuse passage for people who they do not feel comfortable having.

I’m not saying that throwing people off flights for their race is right, but don’t blame the airline for having one or two (allegedly) bad apples in the bunch when they’re doing what they can to minimize the number of these incidents.

Also an interesting note, the article also noted that not all people with headscarves were thrown off the flight, so is there more to the story than what is written in the article? I would be interested to read the full report when it publishes to get both sides of the story, we only have the victim’s side but not the airline’s side.

Final disclaimer: I’m not saying the crew is right or wrong, I’m simply not breaking out the pitchforks yet since we don’t have the entire story yet.


read this a day or two ago… sad to see that this is what the world has come to

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This world I such a cruel place 😢
It’s just sad to see these people getting treated poorly,where different people,cultures,and race
And what are you going to do about it!
Besides being racist does not help with anything!
This is so outrages 😡