Music while flying

Nearly always. :) (Muse <3)

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Yea, a hole bunch of different songs!

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I just listen to the songs that the plane has onboard :P

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Jazz, like lucky chops or the classic stuff, count Basie. And then muse and other alternative rock. RHCP




I listen to mostly Metallica and some other random stuff while flying on an aircraft and playing IF, all at the same time. Worship my multitasking skills 😂.


I am a musician, so yes!

What I listen to varies, but in the past I always listened to Bon Iver as the plane was taking off. Sometimes I listen to jazz, sometimes it is soft indie rock, and if I am on a redeye, I listen to ambient music while I sleep.

Beck’s album Morning Phase is great for flying in the morning. So is Wincing the Night Away by The Shins.

I have memories of listening to Led Zeppelin, specifically the song “Achilles Last Stand” while flying DEN-LHR at night when I was younger. The XX are a great band to listen to on night flights as well. So is Radiohead. I listen to a lot of music, so sorry for rambling here haha.


Your music choice is awesome

Thank you! I can say the same to you!

Same, I’m a musician :) Back on topic now.

Me too, we have a concerté

Is this topic for music you listen to during an IF flight or a real flight?

This is in Infinite Flight because it’s not in the #real-world-aviation category.

Learn to fly by foo fighters wheter its in IF or in Real life i just love to play that music while im flying 😎

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In game or not in-game

Scratch that in game

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