Music in IF?

I was flying for SWVA from KOAK-KSAN. And while I was flying over SoCal, there all of a sudden was music that was playing over my game sound! What the Heck? That’s weird. I landed in KSAN and did a soft-reset on my IPad. But what the heck? Can someone help?

That is not something part of IF. Are you using any add on’s like Infinite Flight Assistant or Passengers?

None. No apps open in the background either. I swear.

If I have a second device attached to Bluetooth and I get a call on that device, my iPad begins playing the music from iTunes in the background.

All I have to do is double-tap the home button, pause the music, and return to the game.

I presume it would be something similar here.

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It’s not that. I’m not getting calls (I don’t have a phone number) nor are there any open apps in the background.

I was using Bluetooth headphones for my sound.

I’ve never opened iTunes on this iPad. Ever.

But I promise you that’s where the music was coming from. However it started.

Hmm, I don’t use ITunes, i use Spotify.

But I’ll try that if it happens again.

Music can play over pretty much every app. If I waisted to I can listen to Apple Music and control or fly with the in game sound still present. Just pause the music. No issue with the app.

I don’t use iTunes, and my Spotify isn’t open, nor was it.

The point is any music app can start playing, same with Netflix or whatever.

But how if none are open?

I don’t use Spotify but I know with Apple Music it will start playing music regardless. Do you have a play pause button on your headphones? If so close the app and press it.

I don’t have play pause button. Here’s my head phones:

From having a look online it appears this is a common issue with Spotify where music plays without notice or command so it’s an issue with that application across all operating systems.

But it wasn’t open or was it saying anything was playing when I opened it mid flight.

So when you slid down from the top of the screen it doesn’t say anything was playing?

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That same thing happens to me sometimes with my headphones. (Non Bluetooth, but happens there too) What happens here is that music starts randomly playing in the background. Mostly when moving my jack cable.

And this problem repeats itself after a while. Even on YouTube.

Realised suddenly that there is a problem in the Pause/play button addition in my headphones.

My solution is to remove my headphone jack and place it back in.

  • On the Bluetooth side, it is recommended to deactivate Bluetooth for a while. After a couple of seconds just put them back on.

You may also try this with turning on Airplane mode.

Like I said, me either. I’ve never used iTunes on this device. I use Google Play Music.

Yet, whenever I hear music, it’s some random song from iTunes, so just try it next time. It won’t be open, it’s just a box along the side when you double tap and you can pause it from there.

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