Music channel on the IFC

Hey everyone, I feel like we should have a music channel on the IFC. Music is very inspirational you know, I love a bit of drill music. Gives me goose bumps, really gets at your soul and makes you realise how wonderful life is, thanks for your time x


That would be amazing but there planes not cars

I think he means on the IFC itself and not on the aircraft like a forum for people to share their music


That makes more sense

Big brain plays my friend

Bruh Infinite Flight radio 😍 tune into it while your flying

That is correct thank you mandem

Praise it brother Blast out those tooooons🙌🏻

We can create the “Planeroll”. Is the Rickroll but with planes ;)

Everyone has their own taste of music, and is always fun to chat to eachother about your favourite type of music and songs.

However this is an Infinite Flight forum, and should have topics and categories based to Infinite Flight and aviation. If you try hard to reach TL3 there is a special place on the forum where you can chat away!

“Try hard” = mini modding


I can’t imagine this will be implemented soon, this is an infinite flight forum.