music after safety announcement

I have a question for the community… as well as boarding music before safety announcement, do most airlines have music after safety announcement too (assuming there is still taxi time)??

If not I’m thinking I should change this in Infinite Passengers so that the music doesnt play after the safety sound.

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Yes, I’ve heard this happen on Garuda and AirAsia.

This is for his IF companion app

Ah, my bad then there!

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American here: Never heard boarding music. Do I just not listen or does Southwest and American just not play it?

United and Delta don’t play it.

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I like the music after the safety announcement though! However, most airlines allow passengers to start using the IFE after the Safety Announcement so maybe that is why most people don’t notice it.

Air New Zealand does

I reccomed getting multiple styles of music you can choose

Thai airways does. It was quite a while ago so I can’t remember it very well

I find that it tends to be low cost airlines and Asian carriers that do this.

Asian airlines, including EVA Air, plays music after landing. I’ve never heard any music playing after landing on American carriers.

hello, desolate in advance, I do not it or ought to post, I want to have boarding music for air austral in infinite passenger please.

YES I hear it! (Swiss Sound)

Emirates does and Qatar too!

Absolutely! I turn welcome music off now because I hate it when it continues to play after the saffry announcement!

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British Airways doesn’t to my knowledge.

It can vary, some airlines do and some don’t, I’m pretty sure Qatar do.

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Thank you all so much. It sounds like majority do so ill keep it as it is for now.

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