Where is it?

That’s all in San Diego I took 300 pics of aviation and well my other hobby fishing and animals

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Midway! I whent there along time ago.

There is a Douglas DBD Dauntless near concourse one, At KMDW. I freaken love that thing.

It was amazing I think we spent 3 almost 4 hours there

Dem Nazis have mastered the top gun salute.


Intrepid Air and Space Museum?

Coronado! I was there this past Summer!!!

I like the Bf 109 photo.
That Bf 109G was repainted to simulate the Bf 109G-14 of Erich Hartmann.
The aircraft there is an standard Bf 109G-6, but the paint scheme of that aircraft corresponded to a Bf 109G-14, with a wooden, taller tail.
And those chevrons are way oversized.

No San Diego air and space museum

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If you haven’t check out the Pensacola Air Museum on the Pensacola Naval Base. It is free to get in and they have a wide variety of aircraft.

Intrepid is great too

Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio is nuts…super cool

I will definitely keep that in mind

It’s that the one near Northwest Florida Regional in Destin I beliave?

Correction, Destin-Fort Walton airport.