Museum Of Flight, Seattle, WA

These are a few pictures of my experience at the Museum Of Flight at Boeing’s Renton Airport. I took this trip in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic




Ooooooooooh, look at those first class seats, today’s first class seats on domestic are horrible.

Yes, those look great!

I absolutely love this museum. Looks like you had a good time, and nice pictures!

It was really fun. I just wish I had pics of the other planes… but later that day I actually flew in a vintage 757 with Delta.

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Ooh, that looks fun. I want to go!

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I hope you get there one day! There is a real flight simulator there that moves from side to side! Also, the first 787 was there (the -8), the first 747, one of the Air Force One 727s, a United 727, and British Airways Concorde! It was really fun!

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Would be fun to visit such an amazing place.

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I remember visiting that museum! It’s one of my favorites. You might no believe this but I’ve slept there a few times.

Really? I don’t believe that lol.

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I went to an aviation summer camp and in that camp we got to visit and spend the night at that museum. Although I don’t have any pictures from it because we weren’t allowed to take any during the tour of the museum.

That’s awesome. While I was in Seattle I also got a tour of Boeing’s 787/747 (😢) production up in Everett. No pictures allowed there, though… I was there 3 days after the opening of the passenger terminal of Paine Field. Although, I didn’t fly into there, I flew into SeaTac from Fort Lauderdale on Alaska.

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That’s really cool! I’m going to go on the Boeing factory tour next summer.

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Awesome! I hope the MAX is back by then. I was there literally the day before the Ethiopian MAX crash and grounding. The day of the crash they stopped the tours. I got there just in time…

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This was a fun day. Just want to get it back to the top of the page, in case anyone wanted to see it that didn’t get the chance last time

I like museum so much

It’s really fun. Right now I’m flying over the Atlantic, and I have tail winds of 100 kn. My plane feels like it’s going to get ripped into pieces

Yeah I know right I’m flying from HK to Mel today

Sounds fun! My city’s aviation museum doesn’t have a Concorde 😂
(Mostly warplanes, like b-52 stratofortress, bc of aviation industry)

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