Municipal Airports

Hi so I’m seeing many talk about these So-Called “Municipal Airports” and seen a lot of them in IF (e.g. Banning Municipal in SoCal near PSP). What’s the difference between these GA Airports and normal GA Airports?


From Wikipedia:

“A municipal airport is an airport owned by a city or municipality.”


Would an Air Force or coast guard base count?

@Lamborghini_Life… “GA Airport”? Not familiar with the term. Pls explain/expand the basis for this classification? Max

(FAA classifies airports by Class/ Letter Code., e.g.: a grate big sucker like LAX is a Class “B”. What Class is a GA Airport?)

“General Aviation”. It’s not a class of airport but it is referring to the General Aviation aircraft that use that airport

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As LaGuardia used to he New York City Municipal.

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@Dhops… Thanks for clarifying and interpreting the term “GA Airport”. I’d have never thunk it, Dah! Max

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There one in Jacksonville by riverside frontier airlines is going to use for some routes

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Northeast Regional Airport, Home to ViaAir (small new airline based out of CLT) and to Northrop Grumman where they produce the E-2 Hawkeyes! Frontier is coming in sometime next spring to restart up operations with flights to KPHL with an A320

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