Municipal Airport Spotting @O69

small airports need more attention

Camera: iPhone XR (didn’t have my T1i)
Airport: Petaluma Municipal Airport

Edited with Lightroom


Saw some FedEx Feeder C208s which is quite rare for this airport, and I saw a PA-28 which was cool 👌

Also saw these two, they made great pics

Thanks for viewing!


Nice shots. Been to this airport irl

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Thank you!

Nice pictures!

How did you get access to the ramp?

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Thanks! I just took these from the parking lot and other spots through the fence :)

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Oh nice. You just look really close. For some reason, I was sitting in Signature and this dude took me out to his private jet. We kinda just stole a golf cart that was sitting on the ramp lol.

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Lol that must have been fun

It was fun ig

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