Munich to San Francisco Long Haul

Howdy everyone. Here are some screenshots showcasing my flight from Munich to San Francisco (EDDM-KSFO) on Lufthansa’s Airbus A350-900. I would definitely recommend doing this flight, especially if you have nothing to do during your day. Anyways, here are some screenshots!

Aircraft Information
Aircraft/Opperator - Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 (D-AIXI), named “Dortmund”
Server - Expert
Total Flight Time - 11hrs 23mins
Departure and Arrival - 4:30PM (Munich), 6:50PM (San Francisco)
Callsign - Lufthansa 458, DLH458
Flight Levels - Standard Step Climb Procedure, FL370/FL390/FL400/FL410

Here she is, D-AIXI, a nearly 4 year old Airbus A350-900. She will take me over to San Francisco after coming in from Boston

Departure out of MUC. The aircraft in the background is an Air France A220-300 headed out to CDG

Bye Bye Swiss Alps ): (:

Cursing over Northern Canada, near Hudson Bay

Flying over Point Reyes, CA on the BRIXX1 Arrival

Downtown San Francisco

Landing at SFO with winds up to 20kts, and -310FPMs. Not my best landing due to the winds, but I tried and made it down in one piece

And here she is at the Gate.

Hope you guys Enjoyed. Have a great day!



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Thank you very much!