Munich to Frankfurt with a friend

Hello IFC! Today I flew from Munich to Frankfurt in order to fly the Airbus A340 later in the day from Frankfurt to Singapore. However, I did not do this alone, a friend came with me.

Before we start, here are the details of the flight:

Lufthansa(2018 livery)
Airbus A320-200
1 hour and 17 minutes
Expert Server

Done with the details and here we go!

Photo 1:We start off at the gate with an AirBridgeCargo 747 departing from 08R

Photo 2:While boarding we have this Lufthansa 747-8 that has pushed back and will be taxiing to 08R

Photo 3:Here is a photo of Munich before takeoff

Photo 4:Here is a photo of Munich while climbing to cruise

Cruise was really slow…anyways,

Photo 5:Descending into Frankfurt with a sunset from the cockpit

Photo 6:Descending into Frankfurt from the outside view

Unfortunately I did not capture any screenshots during landing as I had to focus on not messing it up.

Photo 7:The Sun has almost set and here are 3 Lufthansa A320s parked next to each other

Photo 8:Tail photo

As usual please point out any mistakes that I’ve made(If any).
That’s all for today! Thank you for taking the time to see this topic. Safe flights and have a good day!


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Anyways Good Shots!


Thank you!
I decided to not use replay this time so my ipad can just immediately charge after ending.

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Oh Ok

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