Munich Spotting

Today I spotted at EDDM
It was really cold but I did a few good shots
At first I was at runway 08 L

Only a Lufthansa A321-100

An A319-100 and an A321-100 of Lufthansa at the anti Ice stand of the airport

An United Boeing 787-10 to Chicago O‘Hare

An A319-100 Lufthansa Star Alliance

Finally at 08 L the Easy jet A320-200 with the Europcar livery

Then I switched to 08 R

There were an A350 to BOM at the 08 R anti Ice station

In the meanwhile an A321neo left the Lufthansa Technik

There planes of the same airline

Finally after a runway switch the Singapore Airlines A350

Which is your favorite picture


Amazing shots, my favorite one is the A359 de-icing

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Nice! I spent an hour on the hill near 08L this past summer. It’s a pretty great spot.


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What? You mean A321-200?

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No I mean A321-100

There’s no A321-100 that I know of.

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Wow, there is my bad!

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The A350 departing is my fav! Nice shots.

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